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Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Keeping promises...

During this week, I will try to catch up on the things I've promised to blog about. I was actually going to put a video about it, but now I realized that I actually got no functioning camera available. Gah!

Anyway, since I am going to Sweden to experience the worst thing in my life (pulling my wisdom tooth out) and then crying at my cousins wedding since I wont be able to eat the wedding cake, I will set up automatic blog updates while I'm gone.

Sharing experiences from the past

This is what I will call the blog post entries that I will set up for you. I know I'm not super interesting, but I thought it might be fun to learn a bit more about some places in this part of the world.

  • Part 1: Seville
  • Part 2: Lower Saint Michaels Cave
  • Part 3: Beach/VIP Party 2011
  • Part 4: Italy

Teaching my dad how to fly!

As many people know, my dad is afraid of flying. I mean, really, he is. He hasn't been flying since he got married to my mom, and that was like close to 40 years ago. On Sunday, the stubbornness of the youngest son the family, will have payed off. My dad will come with me and my mom to Gibraltar. Of course, my brother and his girlfriend will join too, but they were too afraid of being on the same flight, so they will be arriving earlier.

I, of course, will attend the whole trip to make sure I capture the whole experience of watching my dad shit himself thousands of meters over the earth... wait. I know how that came out. Let me explain: I will do it, because who would else let the world know how scared he was, in the detail the world truly deserves?

Anyway, enjoy the blog posts I promised, see you next week, when I will talk about how everything turned out!

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