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Saturday, July 30, 2011

Experiences from the past #2: Mamma Mia! Italia!

The last of my series of lazyness. Or, almost. On Monday we are going, once again, down into the depts of lower St. Michaels Cave. Thought I might summarize the experiences in one post instead of two ;)

Oh yes, my parents and el hermano will be in da house tomorrow. Finally bringing them down to Gib (although my brother already visited me there once before.

A few days ago my thoughts was to blog about the massacre in Utøya, Norway. But... even though the victims surely deserve attention, the bastard that massacred them does not, since he seems to enjoy all attention he can get. I will therefore cut it short with giving out my thoughts to the victims and their families.

Now... back to topic!

Milan, Verona and Venice!

BAM BAM BAM! Three big cultural mind explosions. The trip to Italy was amazing. Although I didn't have time to visit my friend Emilio, I got to experience Milan - the town of shopping; Verona - the town of romance and singing pizza bakers, and finally Venice - the town of pure H2O awesomeness.

I have summarized the trip and experience in pictures. Each picture has some text explaining whats going on, so feel free to click on the pictures to also read this part of the story, instead of just "looking" at them. ;)

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