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Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Experiences from the past #1: Seville

Just packed my bag for the Sweden trip. Got everything I suppose. Well, time to tell the story about Seville... at least the parts I still remember. :)

Tapas, shopping and exploration!

In early June this year, Vlada, Qixiang, Sarah, some other girl and I went to Seville, Spain. It was quite a spontaneous thing really. I had never been there, neither had the others.

Apart from all the really cool buildings we saw, we did some shopping in the various stores around the main street of the "turistic" part of Seville. Also, I must say I am impressed by the tapas we ate. Before I was was like "Eeh, can we go eat chinese instead?". But when I arrived at this place... wow. Also, the drinks were quite nice. I do recommend trying Seville out only for the food experience.

Enough bla bla, give us pictures!

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