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Thursday, February 10, 2011

New people in my life...

"I'm at Elliot Hotel, and I'm hungry as hell!". I better just go and pick him up for some nice food at Charlies. - That was the day that Johan arrived to Gib, 30th of jan. I ate the love of my life: Chicken Tikka Masala with Mushroom rice and Johan joined me, believing I know good food (which I do).

Now Johan is sitting next to me, as the third Community Manager of the Swedish team. In short, his crazy, but lovely girlfriend will join us as well (as mental support for me, since I need backup in mocking my colleagues).

Bruni singing Rammstein... awesome!

DU HAST! Nothing beats a German hard core girl singing Du hast in your apartment. This was from two days ago, when we had another of our famous Rock Band evenings. It was me, Johan, Fredrik, Qixiang, Cecy, Vlada, Bruni, Phil and Kristle this time. 

Since I now bought Rock Band 1 and 3 in addition to my Rock Band 2, we had a few more songs to choose from. My favorites was of course Bohemian Rapsody, Portal - Still Alive and all the Tenacious D songs. The others complained a bit, but I dont care. I know what I like.

I hope everyone enjoyed the tacos and nachos that Kristle and I made.

Vlada sure knows how to drum

I just realized that Vlada isnt only very cute when she drums, but she is also getting pretty good at it. Phil has been trying hard to get it to work, but Vlada seemed to get the hang of it after just a few times. I'm impressed tbh, I wasnt sure she had it in her. Now the girls can finally have their girl band. :)

Banned by Kristle...

Since the first "big" Rock Band session we had, Phil got banned from singing by the girls (mainly Kristle). I dont mind that much, 'cause I block it out, but there were unhappy faces when Phil started to howl. Although, I've seen worse. And some songs he is not that bad at, at all! It's all about finding the right song! 


  1. Always nice and interesting to read your blog :)

  2. Thanks, I'm glad you like it dear :)


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