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Monday, January 24, 2011

Won my first tournament, for real this time!

"Do you want to join us for the £25 +5+5 bounty freeze-out tonight?". "Sure, I havent played in a while, so why not?".

All-in?! You sure?

Sometimes lady luck actually does go down on you. This time, it was my turn! 

I sat down with Stanislav, Ivan, Daniel, CSR new boss guy, new Romanian guy and maybe someone else. Started slow, but also a bit sad. My son Stanislav managed to bust first with KK on a AQTx-board. 

After a triple up, I was pretty much okay to get all the way to the final table. There, I survived as mid/smallstack för a while, watching the others bust - one after one... well not completely true, since in the end two guys busted at the same time, getting me instantly in the money.

If I win, I'll buy you a candy bar

Joked around a bit in the breaktime with Sven, making an unprofitable bet to offer him a bar of chocolate if I ship this thing. Good for him that I always live up to my promises... bets. As a thanks though, he took my picture and made a forum post after the tournament to show my community members that I'm not a fish.

Anyway, I ended up as small stack versus som Spanish guy with 2,5-3,5x my chip stack. Turns out he can't play heads up at all. I started to eat off his chips until I had a little bit more than he had. Finally we manages to get into an all-in situation with me having a decent hand. K2s. Turns out he has K8o and I realize my disadvantage.

clubs x clubs clubs...

One club away from his flush and one duce away from my win. River says BAM, here you go!

Result: £290 + bountys (£25x2 as it was double bounty night)




  2. gratz! You owe me 30 pounds or at least a beer :-)

    The board was not AQT, but QT4 ... still it was a mistake to pay that all-in.

  3. Thanks guys!

    HHAHAHA Dominic, hillarious! You still have it in your head? :D When are you coming back btw? There is more of that milky stuff you like so much!

    Stanislav, a beer will be yours! But the A came on the turn right? Next time we will triumf! Lets go on wednesday as well :)

  4. Nice, that's my heritage :D

    Lmao evertime I watch that clip ;-)

  5. New CSR boss guy? I kinda like that name ;)



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