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Monday, July 13, 2009

The Right to Privacy... IS SCREWED!

I recently read on Rick Falkvinges blog about the new and dare I say largest threat against our Right to Privacy: The Stockholm Programme (swe: stockholmsprogrammet).


Greetings the Stockholm Programme, Goodbye Privacy

I will translate the list that Henrik Alexandersson blogged about into English:

  • An expanded co-operation between EU and USA "in the field of freedom, security and justice".
  • National Anti-Terrorist center in all EU-states, which will report directly to Brussels.
  • All EU-states will share their intelligence with all other EU-states.
  • Increasing and more effective "data-mining" (FRA...).
  • Real time access to information about, among other: citizens travels, bank errands, cell-phone positions, use of internet, finger print and portrait.
  • Enhanced surveillance through an active gathering of individual citizens electronic footprints.
  • EU-standardisation of surveillance.
  • EU-harmonization to clear out legal obstacles for surveillance and bugging.
  • EU-leveled analyzation of materials from the EU-states surveillance and bugging.
  • An expanded EU-bureaucracy for surveillance, bugging and analyzis, called SitCen.

Demonstrate and spread the word!

There's huge demonstrations about this in Stockholm on Wednessday, unfortunately I'm out of cash so I cant go there, but if you can - you should!

Also, keep blogging about this and spread it to everyone  you know. People must know what's happening and should rise up to stop it! Our privacy is at stake! Stop closing your pathetic eyes, hoping that everything will be okay or that "it will never happen to you". It's happening, it will NOT be okay!

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