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Friday, July 24, 2009

Getting a job in the games industry

Ah, time for my tips and tricks again - And my "WATCH OUT"s.

As I'm currently looking for a Community Managing, Marketing or Game Designing job right now, I'm doing the same thing and so far it's working out fine. I'm discussing jobs with multiple recruiters, hoping to get a positon somewhere. I've at least caught their attention, even though one of them has stopped writing to me, but I'll go more into details about that in the end of this post.


If you WANT a job, this is what you do

  1. Check who your contacts are, write them down on a piece of paper and also write down what positions you might, at best, get from these.

  2. Write down a % beside every position, below each contact. Just make an estimation, the numbers themselves doesn't really matter, just the margin between them.

  3. Think about what you would like to work with, and then choose the contact that has the highest % of that particular position. 

  4. Update your CV and write a cover letter for the position and mail your contact, or even better, call your contact right away! (remember to ask if or when he/she might be available)

  5. Think this is messy or don't have any contacts? Take contact with an external recruiting company, they have contacts for you to use!


Always stay cool or you might blow it

Sometimes recruiters contact you, and you might even get a promising dialogue with this person. DON'T GET EXCITED, once he fills this position with another person he will problably not get back to you with any status updates on the position.

This is problably not because he/shes rude, it's just that it takes time to send emails explaining the situation for EVERYONE that might have applied. It's just not effective for some people.

The best thing to do is to stay cool and hope that this person contacts you later for a new position. Remember, you have already worked this person up before, so the next time it will be much easier to get the position if you play(ed) your cards right.


Thanks to my friend Fredrik for some of these tips

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