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Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Michael Jackson would have wanted it...

What if MJ got some privacy?

Would he have been alive today? Yes, I think so. Think about what massive surveillance can do to a person.

Well, Michael Jackson is extreme, but it is still the same thing. He knew that he hardly could do anything without someone watching him and I'm positive that kind of drove him a little bit mad.

How will sensitive people react?

By now, you guys know how I'm reacting to this surveillance stuff, but I'm not a very sensitive person. How would a mentaly sensitive person react to being monitored 24/7? Maybe they will react like MJ and stay inside all their lives and in the end die of starvation and drug addiction? (now that's not 100% why MJ died, but you get the picture)


As I see it, we are already doomed. Too many people close their eyes and pretend it isn't happening, only to realise too late that it's actually real.

Well, at least "I" faught! What did you do?

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