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Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Hot, high and wet...

Summer has come! We had our first really hot days here in Gibraltar. Of course we spent them at the pool, what did you think?! Sugar has started to have some really weird effect on me by the way... I should warn you guys. Really, I'm not kidding.

On the Saturday Qixiang, Vlada and I did something on main street... can't remember what. Wait. Yes! We ate Tapas at this place and realized we were 10p short on the bill. Well, fortunately we walk pretty fast, so they didn't catch our little cheeky trick. To celebrate that we saved 10p, we hit the pool area in Kings Warf. Awesome.

Qixiang hit his head in the bottom. Quite funny... for me at least. :)

"Strike again!? Let's bust the mother fuckers knees!"

On the Saturday evening, after trying out the pool, we had a Swedish gathering. We met these crazy swedes, with some crazy attitudes. Don't get me wrong, I liked them all! Especially the funny little girls one of the chicks brought with her. Probably in the same age as Pelle and Natalie's kids... maybe they will get along. It's about time they get some girlfriends anyways.

Aaaanyway! I was the second best bowler, after this damn Thomas guy... son of a bitch. I was tempted to just "slip" and accidentally throw my bowling ball towards his knees. What? You think I'm a bad loser?! FUCK YOU!

After the bowling, we hit the fabulous restaurant Gilberto's or whatever it's called. Kebab place. Rebecca's idea. Then it was time to go premium bear hunting (yeah, I actually mean BEAR). I think the place is called The Anchor Bar, on the back side of Water Gardens. A Swedish really awesome, bear looking guy owned the place. Gave us free shots, he did!

"Håkan, give me more money!"

Of course, I didn't have anymore money, so I had my bitch pay for me. That's how I roll.

Had an awesome time though!

"We need to get the retarded bird out of there!"

The next day we all pretty much went to the pool all day, after enjoying an English Breakfast at Lord Nelsons of course and then an nice ice cream in the sun.

Really hot weather. Both me and Johan contaminated the pool as well... finding this RETARDED SON OF A BIRD! Apparently it was trapped in between some stuff. We tried to discuss how to get it out, but realized we care about our eyes too much and went back to the sun bathing chairs thingys. Fortunately some dude came later with a net and got the bastard out of there. Cool.

That's all! Oh yes. On Thursday I'm playing the national championships in badminton with Jun. Wish us luck!

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