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Sunday, March 4, 2012

New Project: When I first met...

It's amazing how you come up with awesome ideas when you lie awake trying to get back to sleep at night. Finally I manage to actually remember one of them so that I could put it into action (you have no ideas how many ground breaking ideas I've lost 'cause I've finally fallen asleep... damn it!

In the upcoming blog posts I will, in the end, include one RANDOM friend and write about when I first met this person... and what my thoughts was. :P This could be embarrassing at some points, but fuck it, that's how I roll!

In this launch post I'll actually start off with two friends. I'll use to help me choose which friends to talk about.

When I first met Håkan Sjölin

Kåt-Håkan Sjölin, looking like a boss!
It was a normal day at my old workplace and I was just about to go up to the kitchen and fetch myself some Nutella toasties. I ran into my old line manager Leo, who told me that there's a guy here for an interview... some blond Swedish dude that apparently worked with Gus before. Hmm... Someone here to take my job?! Nah, I'm too valuable :P

Finally up in the kitchen I see some freakishly ginger-blond guy in something that was suppose to look like a suit and I started to suspect this was the guy. He was talking with Gus, which made me even more sure. But to just be safe I started by speaking some English... turns out it was quite clear that he was Swedish (his accent). Then when he switched to Swedish I thought that his Stockholm accent was a bit tainted... I wasn't quite sure if he was native or not, so I tried to speak as clearly as I could.  Turns out he was native, it was just me not being used to talking to a person who is constantly... excited :P.

When I first met Nicklas Lindgren

Nicklas Lindgren, drawn by David Palm 2012.
I first met Nicklas on the first day of University actually. He was one of the other aspiring Game Designers that had arrived to conquer the University of Skövde.

My first memory is when we were on the top floor of the Game Dev. Building and someone had (I think Cidh?) spilled some water on the floor. Before someone managed to dry up up Nicklas was suddenly standing there trying to breakdance, slide around with his feet or whatever he was trying to do. At that point I was quite sure that he was going to be "The Arrogant Player" or "Mr. Popular" of the class. Turns out I was wrong... and right.

By player I was thinking "womanizer", which was COMPLETELY wrong. Until he met his Monika he was only interested in (mega) men. But I wasn't completely wrong. I don't think there's many people on this earth that have played so many different games as this guy. At least non-PC ones. 


  1. What's that weird little animal on your ginger friend's chin?

  2. Kul att höra Jocke :). Många som misstagit mig för en player där i början, jag måste verkligen ha gett fel intryck :/. Hur som kul inlägg, vet inte riktigt det där med att ha spelat galet mycket olika spel, men nog gillar jag flera typer av spel och har testat mig fram genom åren.

    Ginger friend??? Hey I'm blonde :P. And that little animal is a pug. It's an ugly, stupid and smelly dog that my good friend likes to draw.

  3. I'm wasn't talking about you, I was talking about this Hakan dude. He has a weird little ginger animal clinging onto his chin.

  4. Haha yeah Håkan's got something weird pimp'ish going on there :P

    @Nicke: Haha jo, måste varit dina dance moves eller nått :P

    Wzup nu för tiden förresten? Såg att ni kommit rätt långt på ert spel! Ser grymt ut! När får man testa?


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